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    Running Buddies | The Long and Short of It

    Buddy Up! Partner Running. Miles: 4 + 37 Harvard Stadium Sections Song in my head: Journey Brunch food motivation: Zico Chocolate Coconut Water This past weekend I went on a run with my running buddy, Meesh. We chose one of our old running haunts.…

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    THE LONGEST RUN | Mar 28 | Here’s Good

    The Longest Run. PRPs. And Taper Time. Miles: 20 Song in my head: Break Free by Ariana Grande because I can’t get enough of that kid Brunch food motivation: Eggs. Of the homemade kind. This is my favorite training run. Runners from…

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    After a long run

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    Baby got track!

    Baby got track! When Coach says we’re going to do twelve 600m repeats and I’m like…

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    29 Signs You’re A Runner

    29 Signs You’re A Runner 1. You dread paying $10 for a movie ticket but are willing to pay $30+ for a 5k that you hope lasts less than 30 minutes. 2. You can’t help but like the driver with…

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    Movin’ on Up in March

    We all have our individual fundraising goals for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, but as a team we have a season goal of $4.6 million for the Barr Program. As we climb towards our goal, we move the marker down the marathon route.…

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    Sometimes how I envision the last mile of a long run should go.

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    What I felt like when I overheard someone comment, “Look at her,” on this snowy run. Then what I did to every runner I passed motivating me to get out there.