Campaign to “Put Kovi in a Costume for Cancer Reasearch”

My friend started this campaign a couple days ago, and I really didn’t think this was a possibility, but we’re only $250 away with one more day to go.

Put Kovi in a Costume for cancer research!
Hit $4000.00 in 4 days – Boston Marathon Challenge! ($500 gets us there!)

Ever wanted to see a hot dog running down the street? Well now you can! Monkeys, bananas, Richard Simmons, your mom – the only limits are your imagination.

Here’s how it works. You donate. Fight cancer. Costume suggestions welcomed/encouraged (comment below), and Kovi will wear it on her final training run, and upload a video for all of you.

Win win. You win. Boston wins. Cancer loses. Kovi…well…Can we do it?

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