A little history

A little history on where the funds raised for Dana-Farber’s Marathon Challenge go.

  The Claudia Barr program was started in 1987 by Delores Barr Weaver and her husband in memory of her mother. The Barr Program exemplifies the power of philanthropy in propelling completely new lines of research, playing a pivotal role in the development of early scientists who work on a broad range of research investigations in order to yield new clues about cancer. While the basic research spectrum is wide, Barr Investigators are tied together by a common thread: they aim to understand how cells work, multiply, die, and interact with other cells. The Barr program is critical for conducting basic research, which is not eligible for federal funding until well along in proof of principle. The program enables leading-edge, highly-innovative research up to the point that it may be possible to attract government or private support. Barr Investigator awards help advance the professional development of Dana-Farber’s newly appointed Instructors and Assistant Professors who otherwise lack seed funding to test hypotheses and bring promising studies forward in completely new areas of research.

Thank you again for your support!! I’m overwhelmed with gratification at all of the support and well-wishes thus far.

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